Organic sugar in

All shapes and sizes

Organic sugar

The best nature has to offer

White sugar

A worldwide favourite

Cane sugar

A pure classic

Sugar substitutes

The perfect substitutes
Sugar and sweeteners
in all shapes and sizes

At Iscal Sugar we produce and supply sugar and sweeteners, in the broadest sense. From traditional sugar cubes to sweeten your tea or coffee to custom specialities and everything in between.Our sugars and sweeteners are sold all over the world. In all shapes and sizes. We produce and refine sugar in our factory in the Belgian village of Fontenoy. We also have two independent branches: Iscal Sugar Retail in Lelystad (The Netherlands) and Iscal Sugar Caramel in Mons (Belgium).

Flexibility is our
key to success

Our flexible process management and fast production cycle allow us to easily switch between production lines, resulting in a wide and varied product range. Therefore, we can easily produce full assortments for large retailers, in any quantity, large and small.

Endless possibilities

We are always on the lookout for new types of sugar. On every market, we supply the products that best meet the customers’ needs, from retail to food service or the industrial market. And we are often one step ahead, providing support and advice on interesting developments.